Strawberry oats and chia seeds pudding

Craving for something sweet and healthy, that will also fill you up so you won’t need to eat a big portion, and you won’t crave for more? Blend some fresh strawberries, add some oat flakes and a teaspoon of coconut oil and blend more. DSCN0342 (3) For a titchy bit of spiciness add a few slices of ginger root and blend well. Add a teaspoon of chia seeds and stir well with a spoon. Let sit in the fridge for about an hour, so the chia seeds absorb some of the liquid and expand. Serve cold, honey or agave nectar on top if you wish and added sweetness. Sprinkle some cinnamon or coconut on top, or even a bit of cayenne pepper if you wish.

Chia seeds are very filling, coconut oil has lots of healthy properties and taste great. Ginger is great for your digestion, weight loss, detox….Oats are an excellent soruce of….blah blah…it’s delicious and healthy, and really easy to make! Enjoy!



Chocolate fruit popsicles

Such and easy to make and healthy summer dessert!


Kiwis, bananas, strawberries, peaches, mangoes, melon. (Feel free to experiment with various types of fruit. Apples or plums…no…).

Pure dark chocolate for melting.

Popsicle sticks (or even sticks from a tree!)


Make sure you have enough space in the freezer to place all popsicles without them touching each other or any other kind of food.

Peel kiwi (or another kind of fruit) and slice it in thick enough slices to that you can  insert a popsicle stick in each slice or kiwi and place on a tray (lined with parchment paper).

Freeze the kiwis for about 3 hours or overnight.

Melt the  pure dark chocolate using a double boiler over a medium heat. For a vegan version, add a bit of water and coconut oil to it. For a regular version, add some milk and butter. Go slowly and watch for signs of burning, and keep stirring continuously.


Dip each frozen kiwi into the chocolate; the chocolate layer should harden immediately around the fruit.

Place back into the freezer for half an hour before serving.

For a bit of a nutty twist:

don’t freeze the fruit, just insert the sticks, and set them aside. Prepare  your favorite nutty mix: walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, flax seeds, sesame seeds. Melt the chocolate and after dipping into the warm chocolate, immediately dip in the nut mix. Set aside on parchment paper. When all pieces of fruit are dipped in choclate and covered in nuts, freeze for at leats 4 hours or overnight. .




Pineapple and spice salad





olive oil


ground flax seeds

cayenne pepper

sesame seeds


fresh ginger grated

pineap,oliveoil,flax,yogr,cayenne,ginger,strawb, cardam, sesam,honey (2)


Cut the pineapple in small chunks. Slice strawberries. Place them in a bowl. ion another bowl, mix yogurt with olive oil and honey. Add the ginger and cayenne pepper, and mix.  Pout over the pineapple and mix well. Add the rest of the ingredients and toss.


Strawberry pudding. No sugar.

In a previous post I showed how you can make a strawberry jam without any sugar added. You can use this jam to make a delicious and healthy strawberry pudding.

Place oat milk, rice milk, almond milk or regular milk in a pan. Warm it up. Start pouring over bit by bit whole rice flour, and stir at the same time. Pour about half cup rice-flour for 3 cups milk. Keep boiling on low fire and stirring at the same time, till it thickens. If it’s not thick enough, you can add more flour. If it’s too thick, add more milk. Then add a few spoons of the strawberry jam, you can add only 3-4 spoons or 10 spoons if you’d like! Pour the hot pudding in bowls, and let cool down. Decorate with fresh strawberries and honey or agave nectar if you like it sweeter. You can also sprinkle coconut, almonds, dried fruit, sesame seeds, chia seeds, small cubes of fresh apple or fresh pear or fresh mango…etc

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If you don’t have strawberry jam, then you need to prepare a strawberry mix before starting the pudding. Wash and cut about 5 strawberries for one cup of milk. Place them in a pot with only a tiny bit of water on the bottom. Bring to boil and keep stirring while boiling, you’ll see it first become all pink, then darken and thicken. The thicker the better. It all depends how much ime and patience you have. You can boil it for only about 15 minutes, or for 40 minutes. When it’s done, set it aside, you will add this into your pudding.

It can be used as toddler food as well.


Strawberry pie in amaranth and rye pie crust


about 3 cups strawberries washed and sliced

One cup amaranth flour

1 cup rye flour

half cup white unbleached wheat flour

four eggs

2 cups milk or rice milk

2 spoons brown sugar

some water

a dash of sea salt


few spoons olive oil

2 spoons crushed walnuts

baking powder

Few spoons of honey

In a pan, add amaranth rye and wheat flour and some sliced butter. Leave for a while, till butter melts. Add one teaspoon baking powder. Add half cup warm water, and mix it all up, till it becomes a sticky paste. If it’s too thick or doesn’t stick together add a bit of water and olive oil. If it’s too soft, add more flour. When it’s the right consistency and oily so that it doens’t stick to the pan, press it with your fingers and form an even layer on the bottom of the pan.

Bake for about 15- 20 minutes till golden but not brown.

In the meantime, make the custard.

Put the four egg yorlks in a pan, set the egg whites aside. Add one cup milk, mix it well, turn on the fire on lowest possible, and with lots of patience keep stirring and watch it thicken gradually. It could take about 20 min to half an hour. Set aside.

Take the pie crust out of the oven and layer the strawberries on top.

Pour honey over them. Place back into the oven, and bake (medium temeprature) for about 10 minutes.

In the meantime beat the egg whites till it forms fluffy peaks, add 2 spoons of brown sugar and beat again.

Add the custard on top of it the strawberries, spread it evenly, and then add the eggwhites on top of the custard.

Place back in the oven and bake for only about 5 minutes till the eggwhites get a light brown crust on top. You can also turn off the oven and place the pie into the oven this way, the oven being still hot will have the same effect on the pie.march22 002 march22 003 march22 004 march22 005 march22 006 march22 007 march22 008 march22 019