Brown rice milk

Making your own rice milk isn’t complicated at all. And you can make it out of organic brown rice, without any added sweeteners or other additives.

It’s great for babies and it can be used to make your own baby formula. Of course, adults can enjoy it just as much!

ricemilk 001

The easiest and quickest way is to make it out of brown rice flower.

Ingredients:  one liter water, 3 spoons brown rice flour.

Place half liter water in a pot on fire, and warm up. when warm but not yet boiling, sprinkle gradually one spoon of brown flour while stirring with a wooden spoon. keep stirring while the composition comes to boil, keep stirring and see it thicken slightly. If too thick, add more water. Let it cool down and strain it to a fine sieve. Even though it might not seem to you like it needs straining, as it’s mostly liquid, do it, and better do it several times. If you don’t strain it well, it will become gooey. You’ll see that when you strain it, there’s a thick gooey part left on the bottom of the sieve, throw that out and keep the flowing liquid.

That’s it, and it took you about 15 minutes or less to make it.

Store in the fridge. Will hold about a week.

You may add a little bit of coconut oil to it when you warm it up, for better taste, and in order to add natural healthy fats.