About ‘sane delight’

Eating healthy is about feeling good. Not about stressing out, eating boring food, complicating your life or feeling limited. On top of this, for me eating healthy is about having fun.  ‘Sane delight’ is about healthy easy and creative cooking, enjoying lots of flavors and dishes inspired by cuisine from all around the world. Natural and organic ingredients, whole grains, good fats, fruits and vegetables, spices and herbs which are good for you, plus lots of imagination.

I love food from all over the world, spices, exotic ingredients, anything different. Living in Chicago for many years, I got to enjoy Mexican food, Japanese, Thai, Italian, Turkish, Moroccan, Ethiopian, Persian, Korean, …you name it. And then for a while I traveled quite a lot, lived in a few other countries, and with each country discovered new flavors,  simple things you don’t get to eat in restaurants. So I started cooking things myself, but I was never good at following a recipe. Many of the things I’ve tried overseas you wouldn’t find in a cookbook or on the internet anyway…so I had to improvise, in order to bring those flavors into my kitchen, and also because the truth was…  didn’t like to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, I didn’t like big projects. It had to be simple and affordable. I have to say, the results have always been delicious!

The recipes posted on this blog are the result of this creative process. You won’t find many standard dishes, but mostly unusual combinations, are healthy and tasty. Attached to most recipes you’ll find an explanation regarding the health benefits of each ingredients, and you’ll also find a separate page with these explanations for the recurrent ingredients. Most important, these dishes are easy to prepare. If you are generally good at cooking, and actually know how to cook, have an eye for quantities, timing and know what goes and does not go together…but just need some new ideas, this is the place for you! If you’re one of those people always on the go, bit of a scatter brain, enjoy eating, enjoy strong flavors, enjoy being different, enjoy cooking … but are not good at planning and following recipes, you’re probably in the right place.  You won’t need to measure or remember specific quantities. Once you’ll get the idea you’ll be able to play it by ear with each of the recipes, and make them your own.

Thanks so much for stopping by.

Enjoy, and be creative!



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