all natural kid’s toothpaste, no glycerin

Are you looking for kid’s toothpaste without fluoride, parabens, sorbitol, titanium dioxide, artificial flavoring and color? You’ll find it in health store, but most all natural toothpaste for children contains glycerin. While some sources claim that glycerin protects your teeth from decay, other sources recommend avoiding glycering in toothpaste, as it prevents teeth from re-mineralizing. Well, that’s for you to decide.

Either way, this is a really easy toothpaste recipe, you can play around with flavors and ingredients, and you can make a larger batch that can last you more than a year! It works very well for any age, but especially for kids because it has a great consistency (as opposed to powedered toothpaste which is too messy for kids to use) and they can eat it, even with a spoon if they want!


Basic ingredients:  coconut oil (preferably organic and unrefined),  xylitol powder.

Aditional ingredients: essential oils of your choice, cinamon powder, cloves powder, caolin clay powder, turmeric, vitamin E, grapefruit seed extract.

Essential oils (you don’t need to use all): mint, tea tree (not a large quantity as it can be irritating), peppermint, orange, sage, thyme.


In a small jar mix the the soft coconut oil with xylitol powder. Don’t heat  the oil up or melt it, use it at room temperature. Quantity depends on the consistency you want, you can start with less xylitol and add more if you feel like. I don’t think you need a lot of xylitol in the toothpaste especially if it is ifor kids, the sweeter the toothpaste the more they will want to eat it and use unecessary large amounth of toothpaste!

Add any aditional ingredients you wish:

cinamon and cloves powder have desinfectant  and anti bacterial properties. It aslo gives the toothpaste a nice flavor.

Same goes for turmeric, but be careful, turmeric stains, so use it only for older kids and add only a tiny bit to the toothpaste.

Grapefruit seed extract works as a preservative and anti microbial. This toothpaset doesn’t go bad, but you can use it if you wish, it has benefits for the teeth and mouth as well.

Caolin clay powder, preferably white, but green can be used as well, is remineralizes the teeth, it gives the toothpaset a thicker consistency, and it can be ingested.

If you live in warm climate, or your bathroom is generally warm, you might want to use the caolin in order to keep the toothpaste thick, because the coconut oil becomes liquid in warm temperature. When the coconut oil becomes liquid, the xylitol sits at the botoom, when you dip the toothbrush in the toothpaste it drips, it becomes messy, you have no control on how much toothpaste you use. On the other hand, if you keep it in the fridge, the coconut oil becomes too hard to dip your toothbrush in it.

This toothpaste doesn’t go bad. Coconut oil holds very well over time, even if not refrigerated, and so do all the other ingredients.






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