no bake easy avocado cheesecake

Not the healthiest recipe but it’s easy to make if you like cheesecake. If you have all your ingredients ready, it will take you  no more than 20 min to make it.  If your kids don’t like avocado, this is one way to sneak it into their favorite dessert!



plain or whole wheat cookies


cream cheese

brown sugar


download (2)

vanilla flavoring (optional)

ground flax seeds (optional)


To make the pie crust, crush the cookies into a bowl and mix them with the melted butter. Press the gooey mix into the pan, make a thin layer (about half centimeter) making sure you cover all sides of the pan.

To make the cheese filling:

Blend the avocado until smooth. In  a bowl mix the cream cheese with teh avocado, brown sugar as much or as little you wish, and vanilla flavoring. Spread over the pie crust. Sprinckle ground flax seeds over the cheese fiiling and refirgerate for a few hours before serving.


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