Lettuce and chard soup


Do you have a head of lettuce but you’re bored of salads? Is it summer, but you feel like soup, maybe a cold soup, something light, refeshing? Do you want your kids to eat their greens, but they won’t touch salad or spinach or chard or kale? Try this summery refeshing soup made with yougurt. I don’t know where it originates, but  I used to eat as a child in Romania, during the spring or summer when people have loads of lettuce in their gardens and can’t have any more salad! The traditional recipe is made with lettuce, but I included chard as well, in order to add more nutritious value, and also because I love chard in general. Feel free to try other greens if you feel like experimenting: spinach, kale or mustard greens. The soup is thickened traditionally with thick sour cream and eggyolk, but for a healthier and lighther version I’ve used yogurt instead of sour cream. I’ve used bacon, as it is usually made in Romania, but you can skip the bacon. I’ve also used ginger in this recipe, which is my own thing, not at all Romanian or Eastern European or french, but it gave the soup a great kick.

Ingredients (for 4 people):

one head of lettuce

3-4 leaves of chard

one big onion

4-6 head of garlic

one spoon of chopped ginger

fresh parsley and dill (dry if fresh is not available)

one small yogurt container

vegetable broth (or not)

olive oil

sea salt


one egg

juice of one lemon



Chop the onion and the bacon, and put them in a pan with some sunflower or coconut oil , and sautee them for 1-2 minutes, stirring ocasionally. Add the chopped garlic and ginger and continue cooking for a few more minutes, until all the flavours come out.

Pour the vegetable broth over. You can also use water instead, the flavour will be stronger with the vegetable broth of course, but it should be fine with water as well, especially if you use bacon.

Allow to boil for a few minutes.

In the meanitme wash the lettuce and the chard, and chop them in thin long strips.


Separate the eggwhite from the eggyolk.

Add the eggwhite to the soup while the soup is boiling, and do not stir. Leave it for a minute or so, and only then, lightly stir, so that it breaks into pieces but it won’t completely dissapear in the soup.

Add the lettuce and the chard, and boil on low temeprature for about 8-10 minutes. turn off the fire and let the soup cool down a bit.

In a bowl, mix the yogurt with the eggyolk and the lemon juice. Do this right before serving.

Pour it into the warm (not hot ) soup while mixing. Turn the fire back on and heat the soup up to boiling point, but don’t really let the soup boil again.  Sprinckle some fresh parsley and dill on top and serve.

The soup can also be served cold.



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