Vegan turmeric-cinnamon-fennel-flax cake

This nutty cake goes really nice for breakfast, with coffee, cake or milk. The cinnamon and fennel go unexpectedly nice together. Using olive oil instead of butter  makes it a healthy pastry, turmeric has great health benefits, and it blends really nicely with the other flavours.


2 cups hole wheat flours, 2 cups self rising flour, ground cinnamon, ground flax seeds, sesame seeds, one spoon fennel seeds, half cup olive oil, a pinch of salt, one large spoon of turmeric powder,  half cup brown sugar, oats milk.


Mix equal amounts of self rising flour and whole wheat flour. Add 2-3 spoons turmeric, sesame seeds, ground flax seeds, fennel seeds, cinnamon powder and pinch of salt. Add some extra virgin olive oil, brown sugar and oats milk as much as you need in order to make a thick paste, not too lumpy, not too runny.

Quantities can vary, it all depends on how you like your cake, more moist – add more olive oil. sweeter- more brown sugar. Nutty – more seeds.

Grease a pan and pour the mix in the pan. Bake and medium temperature for about 40 min or until the middle is baked.

DSCN0278 (13)


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