Beans, oats, broccoli-mushrooms vegetarian one-pot meal.

This is an easy healthy hearty dish to make, and the ingredients can be changed depending on what you have in the house. Great option for when you need something filling and don’t have a lot of time to cook and have not planned your meal ahead.

Ingredients for 2 people:

one cup beans soaked overnight (Any kind of beans, black eye, red, white…chick peas can also be used)

one cup oats soaked overnight

2 carrots

one small green or red pepper

one cup broccoli florets

one small onion

3-5 garlic cloves

2 big portabello mushrooms

one teaspoon turmeric

2-3 small whole cayenne peppers

red sweet paprika powder

dash of salt

olive oil


one teaspoon of flour

a few fresh parsley leaves

4july2015 019

Boil the soaked (and rinsed) beans for about half an hour, until soft. For a quicker meal use pre-boiled beans, or leftover beans. When beans are almost done, start boiling the oats, they’ll need about 5-10 minutes.

In the meantime slice the onion, put it in a pot with some oil and saute it lightly, add the red pepper and the mushroom and continue to saute on medium heat.

Add half cup water, the broccoli and the cayenne, chopped garlic, and continue boiling uncovered on low heat for about 5 minutes. Add the rinsed mushrooms, turmeric, paprika and the beans/oats mix. In a separate bowl mix flour and water to get a watery paste. Pour it over the mix in the pot and stir until it will change into a thin sauce. Cook for a few more minutes.

Serve with fresh parsley.


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