Simple mochi


1 cup sweet rice glutinous flour (mochiko)

1 cup water

1/4 cup sugar

potato starch for dusting

for coloring: red beet juice, green tea, turmeric


Mix rice flour, sugar and water in a bowl. It will be quite watery. Put on very low heat and heat up while constantly stirring. It will start thickening gradually and becoming sticky.

if you want to have different colors, divide it  and in separate bowls add the coloring. You can use artificial coloring too, but natural is healthier of course.  Red beat juice will make it pink, turmeric – yellow, green tea powder- green .

Once it has become a thick sticky lump, take it off fire, let it cool down at room temperature. You can shape it into balls in your hand with the help of potato starch (so it doesn’t stick to your hands). You can fill them with red bean paste, chocolate, ice-cream. You can also roll them through sesame seeds, ground nuts, coconut…etc.mochi 010 mochi2


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