Strawberry jam – unsweetened.

Jam is usually made by boiling fruit and sugar together on low fire for a long time. This jam doesn’t have any added sugar or sweetener, the only ingredient is strawberries. Because it has no sugar, it won’t hold as long as a standard jam. However, it’s much healthier than any other kind of jam, homemade

or not,  as it’s sweetness is all natural and the strawberries still hold their nutrients (it’s not been boiled as long as a standard jam).


half kg. fresh strawberries washed and sliced

half cup water

Place the strawberries in a pot with half cup water. Bring to boil. once it’s boiling, lower the heat to minimum and slow cook it, for about an hour or more. You need to keep an eye on it and stir it as often as possible, as it can get stuck to the bottom of the pan easily. It doesn’t have to be a time consuming process. The easiest way is to make the jam while you’re preparing cooking doing other things in the kitchen.

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The longer you boil it the thicker and sweeter it gets. However, as opposed to a jam made with sugar, it won’t last for months. It will last about 2-3  weeks in the fridge. It’s a great summer addition, and it can be served not only on toast, but also on pudding, rice, ice-cream or in smoothies and milkshakes. It’s great to have around if you’re eating or drinking this kind of stuff.

 march11 064


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