Pie crust from rye and chick pea flour

This is a simple pie crust that can work for both salty and sweet dishes such as a quiche, meat pie, fruit pie, lemon pie…etc. It’s healthy, and making it is quick and easy.

I place the flour directly into the pan in which the pie will be made. Put in equal amounts of white unbleached flour, rye flour and chick pea (garbanzo bean) flour. Add some butter cut into cubes and let it sit at room temperature for about half hour so the butter softens.

Knead the butter into the flour with your hand, till the whole things becomes crumbly, but not greasy. It should not yet all stick together. if the whole mixture resembles a dough, it sticks together and you can shape it into a ball, then you’ve put too much butter and the crust will be too greasy. In this case add more flour and mix gain.

Add some warm water, mix with your hands and this time it should become something like a dough. Add the water bits by bits gradually, to make sure you’re not adding too much and the mixture doesn’t become mushy. When it’s the right consistency, knead it well and shape it into a ball. Add around it some olive oil, spread the oil and knead a little more with the oil, so it incorporates some of the oil. Press the dough into the pan with your thumbs, creating a thin layer( about half cm). You want to bake it just half way before you put in the mixture of whatever you’re make it. So, bake it at medium heat for about 10 min, then remove it from the oven and add the pie filling.

If you don’t like using butter, you can use olive oil, or coconut oil, although the texture is better with butter, or a mix of butter and olive oil. Use organic unrefined butter.

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