Chocolate salami

This is a recipe I grew up with in Romania. It’s quite popular over there, being a dessert easy and cheap to make, from leftover biscuits, sort of the ‘poor man’s’ dessert. I’ve also found it in Portugal, and I’m not sure where it originates, or what the proper name is for it.


250 grams plain sweet crackers

100 grams (or less or none) brown sugar

100 grams butter

50 grams pure unsweetened cocoa

75 grams ground walnut

120 ml milk (or oats or almond milk)

a few spoons of rum, or rum flavor

a dash of cinnamon


Crush all the crackers into little pieces. You can do it with the coffee grinder, but there is an easier way actually, the old-fashioned way. Place all the crackers or part of them into a sturdy towel. Hold the towel so the crackers can’t fall out and hit the surface with something hard, till all the crackers inside break into little pieces.

Place all the crackers into a large bowl, with the cocoa powder over it, the ground walnuts and cinnamon. Set aside.

Melt the butter into a pan and pour it over the crackers. Heat up the milk and sugar into a pan, let cool a bit, add the rum or the rum flavor, and then pour over the crackers.  Don’t pour it all, as you might not need that much liquid. Pour the liquid bit by bit, and mix. See if it’s the right consistency. Your aim is to get the crackers to become like a soft dough, one that can be shaped by hand, but not too soft or too sticky. Pour as much milk as you need to get to the right consistency.

Once you’ve made the brown dough, shape it into a long salami, and wrap it in cling foil.

Place it in the fridge and let cool for a few hours or overnight.

Cut it into slices and serve.

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This dough is also used to make little balls with liquor cherries inside. Homemade liquor  is made by letting cherries soak into liquor for weeks. The liquor is filtered and the cherries are left. Instead of throwing them away, they can be used to make this delicious dessert.

Wrap each cherry into the chocolate dough, and make little chocolate balls. Cover them in shredded coconut or almond or just powder chocolate.

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