Clam chowder


200 g clams, 2 spoons heavy cream , 1 spoon butter , one  small onion, few cloves  garlic, 1 cup boiled corn, salt, pepper, 2 small potatoes, half liter milk, fresh parsley. Optional: 150 g shrimps boiled and peeled and half cup pancetta cut into small cubes.

In a pot place the butter, turn on the heat, add the pancetta (optional), chopped onion and garlic and sizzle only for a few minutes till they turn golden brown. Add milk and potatoes and bring to boil. Add salt and pepper, add the washed clams. Boil on low heat till the potatoes are soft, about 15-20 min. Add more water if too thick. Add the boiled corn, and the shrimps (optional), simmer just a few more minutes and add the cream and the fresh parsley, serve hot.

Serves 4 people.

(feel free to use other kind of seafood).

Some people like the chowder thicker. There are 2 ways to make it thicker:

1. After it’s done, take out some of the mix (potatoes, corn, not the clams of course…) and blend it, then add this creamy part back to the soup.

2. Add a mix of flour and water. Mix one spoon of flower and 2 spoons of water in a small bowl till creamy and with no lumps. Take the soup aside, add  half of this mix to the soup and then bring the soup back to boil. Stir and watch it thicken. If it’s thick enough fine, if not, take the soup aside and add more flour mix, bring it back to boil by stirring continuously.

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