Easy persimmon cookies

Persimmon is a wonderful fruit originating in Asia but nowadays grown in many other countries. It’s delicious eaten just like that, no need to peel it, just wash it and slice it.  If Persimmon is affordable where you live, it’s good to know that you can also make cookies out of it, especially if you’ve let the persimmon stay a bit too long and they’re too soft to eat.

ingredients: 2 persimmons, 1 egg, 3-5 cups of ‘ flour’ of your choice: spelt, rye, oat, whole wheat or regular flour. Baking soda, 4 spoons olive oil, cinnamon optional.

Cut the persimmons into chunks, puree them. In a bowl mix the  puree with the egg and a mix of spelt rye oat and whole wheat flour (you don’t need to use all of them,you choose).  You can also use just regular flour.Add flour gradually, stirring, until the cookie dought is thik enough that you can scoop a ball out of it. It’s still sticky and you won’t be able to shape it with your hands, that’s ok. Add the oil and stir vigurously. Refrigerate for an hour for better results, but not necessary.

Scoop 2 cm balls into a greased pan. They won’t expand while baking,and they’ll keep the same shape, so you can place the balls close to each other. Bake in preheated oven for about 30 min, till they’re golden brown on top.

They’ll hold well for more than a week, hold up to a month in the fridge, in fact they’ll taste better after a few days. Can be frozen as well. Great for teething babies as well, since it has no added sugar, it tastes sweet, and if you’ve used spelt oat or rye flour you have nutritious cookies for your little one!

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