Rice crackers for babies

Ingredients: choice of brown rice flour or spelt flour or both, olive oil, coconut oil, one sweet potato, water.

In a bowl, mix the the flour you decide to use with warm water, by adding just a bit and mixing and adding more until it has a thick consistency and it can be shaped in your palm. Add some olive oil or coconut oil or both. Give it the shape you wish: you can shape them into balls and then flatten the balls, or shape them into little sticks, or use a cookie cutter…as long as you keep all the cookies in a batch the same shape and size, so that when they bake they bake evenly. Rice cookies will be crunchier.

You can also add sweet potato to the rice flour. In order to do this, boil a small sweet potato before hand, and then simply mix it into the dough.

They taste best when fresh.

They’ll hold well for a few days, up to a week, in an air tight container.

Great for teething, or just munching, starting with babies 6 month old. For older kids you can add some honey, but honestly, they taste great just like that, even for adults!



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