kefir strawberry drink

Ingredients: fresh kefir (1cup) strawberries (2), fresh red beet juice (1.4 cup or one very small beet), honey.

Juice the beet. In a blender blend all the ingredients and serve.


Why Kefir?

The kefir drink is made either with kefir grains or a powdered kefir starter — the grains aren’t an actual grain like wheat, but are made of bacteria and yeast. Generally of a thinner consistency than yogurt, kefir is usually sold as a drink, either plain or flavoured. It can be homemade from milk and kefir grains.

Digested much easier than regular yogurt, with loads of pro biotics, it cleanses the intestines, provides beneficial bacteria and yeast, vitamins and minerals, and complete proteins. It contributes to a healthy immune system, it helps with yeast, chronic fatigue syndrome, herpes, and cancer. Its tranquilizing effect on the nervous system has benefited many who suffer from sleep disorders, depression, and ADHD.

The regular use of kefir can help relieve all intestinal disorders and create a healthier digestive system.

Best if fresh and homemade.


kefir grains

Why beet juice? One of the major benefits of beet juice it that it contains a color pigment called betalain. This is a powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, fungicidal and aid in detoxification substance. There is research that indicates that betalain may exhibit anti-cancer activity. Beet roots are high in folic acid and manganese. It is used to treat  anemia, liver, skin, kidneys, lymphatic circulation, tiredness, eye, liver, skin problems, detoxification, cancer. Beet juice may kill fungi, is a strong antioxidant and has anti inflammatory properties.


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