Golden oat pudding

Ingredients: oat flour, rice milk (regular milk if you prefer, or any other kind of milk), turmeric, saffron, sesame seeds, cinnamon, dash of black pepper, and honey and coconut oil.

Warm up the milk. In a separate bowl place oat flour (about half cup for half liter milk), a bit of cinnamon and half teaspoon turmeric (more if you’re used to it and you like it) and a dash of black pepper, and pour some of the warm milk over, a little bit at first, stir and add more, stir  well and add a little more…until the mixture is liquid . You want the oat paste to be an even paste that has no lumps and pours easily out of the bowl. Pour the oat mixture back into the warm milk, and bring to boil on low heat while constantly stirring. You’ll see it thicken gradually. Stir for about 5 minutes. If not think enough, set it aside and add a little more flour to it, the same way. If too thick, just add a little more milk until it’s the desired consistency. Right before it’s done, add a bit of saffron into it (ground or whole) and a drop of coconut oil (as much as it fits on the tip of a knife, more if you really like it).

Pour the mix into bowls. Let it cool a little bit. Pout over a bit of honey depending on taste. Sprinkle sesame seeds on top, a bit more cinnamon and a bit more saffron if you wish. Serve while still warm.



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